The story of insilicosci

Fifteen years ago, I was trying to learn my very first computational software during my BSc studies. As a computer geek who always had learnt software by himself, I expected to learn it quickly, but it was strangely hard to grasp. Soon, I discerned that there are underlying theories of computational methods, which without understanding them, learning scientific computational software is absurd. So I started collecting basic concepts of computational methods.
After getting a ph.d in computational chemistry and conducting many paid computational projects as a freelancer, I am still learning computational techniques and software. This website is a place for me to brush up on my knowledge by sharing it with you and help novice researchers to learn computational chemistry, biology, drug design, solid-state physics, and materials science methods and software more smoothly and effectively.

Hossein Hajiabadi

P.S. Insilicosci stands for in silico sciences

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