The story of insilicosci

Sixteen years ago, I was trying to learn my first computational chemistry software during my BSc studies. As a computer geek who had always learned software by himself, I expected to learn it quickly, but it was strangely hard to grasp. Soon, I realized that learning computational programs is a different story because to use them, besides the software terminology and UI, you need to know a labyrinth of theoretical concepts behind their simple interface. Moreover, most molecular modelling and simulation software lack a standard Bootcamp course, making them difficult for non-expert researchers to learn.

So, after getting my PhD in computational chemistry and conducting many paid computational projects at Nikopardazesh Inc., and regarding the prosperous future of in silico methods in chemistry, biology, drug design, physics, and materials science, I created the InSilicoSci website to help novice researchers learn computational skills more quickly and effectively, as well as to provide experimental scientists with in silico services.

Hossein Hajiabadi

P.S. InSilicoSci stands for “In Silico Science”

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